Activity Chip 535
Activity Chip 535
Activity Chip 535 - perfect for play areas and paths

Activity Chip 535

Activity Chip 535 is one of our most popular play surfacing products.

It is available in either Hardwood or Softwood and is carefully graded to be suitable for most play applications.

It is extremely attractive and cost effective and has a delightful rustic appearance.

Tested in accordance with BS1177 EN:2008.

Contact our Sales Office on 01538 755 422 or for prices.

  • Clean and versatile play chip.
  • Suitable for all ages.
  • Longevity 2-3 years.
  • Economical and very functional.
  • Attractive Rustic appearance.

Loose fill materials may displace during use, we always suggest that when an impact absorbing surface is desired, the depth is increased according to the degree or maintenance and level of activity. We believe there is no formal requirement or standard for an impact absorbing surface to be used in a residential situation and you should carry out your own risk assessment as appropriate to your individual circumstances.
NB Commercial or public areas are covered by more detailed requirements BS EN1176 relating to loose fill impact absorbing products, requiring greater depths of all loose fill products in a public environment. In accordance with BSEN1177:2008 an additional 100mm of material should be included to allow for displacement in use.

Topping up existing play areas:

Although it is very common place to consider topping up a play area with new ‘play bark’ we strongly advise due consideration is given to the condition of the existing material which has inevitably decomposed.

Quite often this decomposed material has become extremely compressed and firm, especially in dry conditions and if new play bark is laid on top, especially at minimal depth, the new material will wear extremely quickly simply due to abrasion!

This situation applies more so with the chunkier types of material where it requires greater depth to knit together to provide settlement and therefore to provide a safe surface. The application of new play bark always has to have a credible depth to be functional and to perform correctly.

If the older material has become very hard and compact, consider removing it and replacing with new, this way it will remove the issues as mentioned above and will also prevent the new play bark spilling out of the play area due to the surfacing being too high.


Ray Marzec, Owner - Green Dragon Rare Breed Farm & Eco Centre.

"Here at Green Dragon Rare Breed Farm & Eco Centre, we required the surfacing for our Adventure Play Area replenishing.

The play area consists of climbing frames and slides and I wanted to ensure the surface I chose was safe, fit for purpose and was priced competitively.

I contacted who advised their ‘Activity Chip 535’ was ideal for this application as it was resilient to the footfall of the children whilst complying with the latest BSEN1177:2008 which provided me with the ultimate peace of mind which was imperative.

I am very satisfied with the service I received, starting with the sales advice on the telephone which followed through to the actual delivery which was performed exactly when it was promised.

I am extremely happy with the product and would most definitely recommend the products and services of"


Loose Bulk Deliveries:

The majority of deliveries consisting of bulk bark and woodchip products are delivered typically by a tipping vehicle.

We also operate ‘walking floor’ articulated vehicles which are ideal for locations where a tipping vehicle may struggle to unload due to uneven road conditions or maybe overhead cables.

For locations which may not facilitate articulated vehicles we also operate 4, 6 and 8 wheeler rigid vehicles which may access the location far more easily.

As a guide, the various vehicle types hold the following volumes:

Walking Floor articulated vehicle: 80-90 cubic metres.

Tipping articulated vehicle: 70-80 cubic metres.

8 wheeler rigid vehicle: 40 cubic metres.

6 wheeler rigid vehicle: 40 cubic metres.

4 wheeler ridged vehicle: 20 cubic metres.


A walking Floor vehicle dispensing the product through the back doors, this type of vehicle’s body doesn’t need to tip up:









This picture illustrates a typical ‘tipper’ articulated vehicle, ideal where access and tipping isn’t an issue:









4 Wheeler Rigid Tipper:









6 Wheeler Rigid Tipper:









8 Wheeler Rigid Tipper:







Specific delivery days for the above:

We only contract with reliable and competent haulage contractors, so if you require your delivery on a certain day we can usually deliver when you require it with 2-3 days notice.

We also understand you may require a delivery even sooner than this, please don’t despair we will always endeavour to assist and see if we can oblige.

It must be mentioned, we rarely hit a delivery problem but as you will appreciate, travelling on today’s roads can be traumatising, so on the very rare occasion we fall short of delivering on the exact day you require, we ask you to be gracious and understanding and recognise the hauliers and ourselves always try our best! With this in mind we don’t pay consequential losses.


Bulk bags & ‘handy carry bags’

Sometimes we understand you may require our products in either bulk/dumpy bags or possibly handy carry bags, for most products this isn’t a problem at all.

We stipulate if this service is available on each of the specific product pages.

The most common method of delivery for these options is by a UK Pallet Carrier.

This is typically delivered upon a curtain sided rigid vehicle accompanied with a tail lift and a pallet truck which the driver uses to place at the roadside.


This picture illustrates the delivery of a 2 cubic metre bulk bag. Please see below for a more detailed illustration of the delivery process












A picture of our ‘handy bags’ palletised:


















With certain products and quantities, we can also deliver utilising a vehicle equipped with a ‘Moffett’ forklift whereby the driver will unload the bags and where access allows place the pallets into the delivery site.

The Driver operating the Moffett Forklift to unload a pallet:













The following article sets out how we deliver the bagged products to you. Please take the time to check that your delivery address can accommodate the requirements below. If you have any queries, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Delivery vehicle arriving

The delivery vehicle arrives. This is a typical vehicle that delivers our goods. It measures approximately 28ft in length and is approximately 8'6" wide. If required we can deliver on a 7.5 tonne truck which is slightly smaller, however this is by prior arrangement and the delivery date will have to be mutually agreed between the Customer, and the haulage contractor.

Please note that the goods are unloaded from the rear of the vehicle. 

Please note that goods are not delivered with a crane facility and can therefore not be lowered over a fence or similar. We can also not deliver to the rear of properties due to access restrictions.

Driver and pallet truck

The driver positions the pallet truck. The driver uses a 'pump' pallet truck to lift the pallet so that he can wheel the pallet onto the tail lift.

Lowering on the tail lift

The pallet load is lowered to the ground. The tail lift is lowered electronically by the driver. He carefully lowers the load to the ground so that it can be wheeled across the pavement.

Please note:

The driver only has a legal obligation to offload the goods onto the roadside and in turn the liability and responsibility of the goods then passes to the customer.

We do NOT offer a Hiab facility. Deliveries will only take place on the type of vehicle pictured.
However, at M&B we contract with reputable and obliging transport Companies whose drivers will endeavour to place the pallet into your driveway or on site as long as the surface is of sound makeup such as concrete, paving or tarmac.
Please be aware that the pallet truck cannot pass over gravel or any type of rough terrain and similarly the driver cannot be expected to pull the goods up or down a sloping driveway or over curbs.
Failure to accept this responsibility will result in the goods being returned to the transport depot and a delivery charge will apply The safe passage of the Carrier's delivery vehicle is the ultimate responsibility of the delivery driver. With this in mind if the driver assesses any delivery point road or carriageway and concludes it is unsafe or unviable to access the delivery property in question, this decision of the driver is final. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the Customer and any potential purchaser to notify ourselves of any potential situation which may lead to the delivery being undelivered. Examples may include (but not exhaustive) cars parked preventing vehicle access, low growing tree branches, telephone/ electricity cables etc. Failure to accept this responsibility will result in the goods being returned to the transport depot and a delivery charge will apply.

Driver guides pallet

The driver guides the pallet of bark to the customer's driveway. The driver will endeavour (please see below) to place the pallet into the customer's driveway.

Pallet is on the drive

Delivery is complete

The pallet of bark is placed into the customer's driveway. The delivery is successfully completed!

Please Note:
In line with Customer Service and as a courtesy to all our Customers we do offer a facility whereby Customers can choose a preferred delivery day.
We endeavour to adhere to this specified day to the best of our ability, but as you will appreciate the National Carriers we contract with do have a mammoth task tackling road works, congestion and tachograph regulations.
With this in mind, please be aware sometimes they are delayed and as a result cannot deliver on the specified day. This doesn’t happen very often but we politely make it known to Customers we can’t pay compensation, wages, time or any other consequential loss a result of this delay.
If the vehicle shown below may be too large to delivery to your property, please contact our sales office before ordering to discuss further delivery options on 01538 755422 or email

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Activity Chip 535

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